160 years of Genina exhibition
Art-instalation done by romanian artist about comunist grounds and ideologies.

160 years of Genina exhibition


It was a real pleasure for me to accept and participate actively in the art exhibition supported by the event marking 160 years since the establishment of the Genius Corups and first Romanian Army Regiment. To this end, I chose to exhibit my work entitled “Almost Locardian” illustrating the importance of the evolution of human being through technology, from the early stages to what we are today.

The traditional woven hemp yarn depicts the tracks of tanks-vehicle characteristic of the armed forces and is finalized by the ready-made boots.I used the pink color for this work, not by accident, but to bring respect to the women who chose the military service.

The exhibition will be open for public 29.05 – 3.06

Thank you to all whom attended !


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