Born in 1992 – Romania, in a family of artists, Alexandra often asked her uncle for horse sketches and drawings. She loved horses. His numerous refusals made her pick up the pencil and start her own journey as a visual artist. Now, known for her monochrome works submerged in shades of black and white, Alexandra Ungureanu manages to bring up an incursion of different realities of the urban and quotidian life. After receiving her MFA in 2016 Timisoara RO, her area of interest included a much more interdisciplinary study, which consisted in various fields of science, illustrated in her projects like: “On the trail of Schrödinger’s cat”(2014), MFA artwork “By my design” (2016) and “Beasts” (2017).

Through a more conceptual lens, Alexandra uses her art to ask questions, interact with the public eye and trigger reactions, therefore completing her artistic creations. Her theoretically grounded art, shows the projective principles in a close connection with a unique sense of humor – “I hate labels. I don’t consider myself a painter, a sculptor or a photographer. That’s not important. When I create, I chose the best media that would fit the idea”.

Alexandra Ungureanu lives and works in her hometown, Ramnicu Valcea, aiming to illustrate the conscious and the unconscious of the human mind in her own artistic language.